LAMPS Media is a media solutions company specialising in lead generation and brand edification for technology brands. The Reboot Show, a LAMPS Media Production, is the technology industry's most reliable destination for insights, education and entertainment on all things technology. The Reboot Show strategically facilitates technology related dialogue, debate and deliberation to support informed and competitive decision making.


LAMPS Media technology clients leverage The Reboot Show strategically within their campaign design to take advantage of brand edification alongside targeted lead generation activities. Our holistic and integrated approach to campaign design, deployment and management ensures that your campaign opportunity is exploited to deliver short and long term return on investment benefits for your technology brand.

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"Luke, Amy and Sally at The Reboot Show were all great to work with. Their organised approach and ability to explore topics in a meaningful way whilst also making the whole process as easy as possible meant that we had an excellent experience with them. They are genuinely curious about subjects and clearly revel in great conversations. They are professional in their approach to planning, filming, post production and promotion. I would definitely recommend using them if you have a topic that would benefit from being explored in a panel discussion format."

Jacqueline King, Communications Manager, iMOVE Australia

"Team REBOOT, just wanted to say how great it was to be invited and then participate in your show. You guys are fun to work with and gave us some really great exposure along our business  journey. We think what you are doing is awesome and we wish you all the very best. For those who want to get on the front foot of IT and other worldly issues you really should consider the REBOOT team and get involved. Thanks again, Andrew and Barry from SATeNAV."

Andrew & Barry, Directors, SATeNAV

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